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Mitglieder (Koordinator*)

F. Löhr (Ffm.)
G. Gemmecker (TUM)*
W. Bermel (Bruker)

  • Vereinfachung/ Vereinheitlichung (Pulsprogramme etc.)
  • Performance-Vergleich durch Standardmethoden

While solution-state NMR experiments for both applications in Chemistry and
Biology are meanwhile well established, different combinations and implementations of experiments are still used at different NMR facilities. We will collect these experiments and approaches and try to identify a common set of experiments and implementations, especially for biomolecular solution state NMR applications (which concerns most of the facilities in the network). The goal will be to offer a set of typical and most commonly used experiments with different implementations, for example, regarding the use of water-flip-back, sensitivity enhancement, non-uniform sampling, gradient coherence selection, magnetization transfers etc.. These will represent a standard repertoire of experiments available and usable at the different sites of the NMR network. This pulse sequence library will develop and start from standard experiments provided by the manufacturers (Bruker and Agilent) who will be involved in a working group that performs this task.

    NMR (Lösung)NMR (solution-state)


4th G-NMR School

4th G-NMR School, 17.02. - 21.02.2020, MPI Göttingen (Link)