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Mitglieder (Koordinator*)

M. Betz (Ffm.)*
R. Haessner (TUM)

  • Messzeitverwaltung
  • Aufzeichnung, Verwaltung bzw. Zugang zu den NMR-Daten
  • remote access
  • IT-Plattform zum Austausch von Unterrichtsmaterialien

Informatics is a key component for NMR facilities and service units. G-NMR will address some particular important aspects within the context of the network to provide a common platform:

1.) Measurement time allocation with automatic referral to reviewers and feedback options.
Existing software platforms have been developed by partner A1 in the context of European funding initiatives and have already been implemented in France for measurement time distribution. These platforms will be adapted to the current objectives and disseminated to the distributed NMR infrastructures.

2.) Workflow A structured as well as transparent workflow with respect to all aspects of NMR investigations will be supported. Each step from NMR recordings, raw data transformation & analysis to the scientific publication itself will be logged and documented. The spectrometer administration, namely the „spectrometer booking and logging” will be simplified and rules for access will be standardised.

3.) Remote access for monitoring NMR experiments and their results in a remote manner via the internet will be discussed and made available.

4.) Exchange of educational material will be facilitated by establishing exchange platforms.

The results of these tasks will be offered as a suggestion to the partners in the consortium, not an obligation. Of course, wide spread use is envisioned and feedback will optimize the informatics resources and help assuring good scientific practice.



4th G-NMR School

4th G-NMR School, 17.02. - 21.02.2020, MPI Göttingen (Link)