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M. Sattler (TUM)*
H. Schwalbe (Ffm.)*
D. Mathieu

There are two target groups in industry for interfacing with G-NMR: manufacturers of NMR spectrometers and NMR units at companies.

Interfacing with manufacturer companies Both NMR manufacturers Bruker and Agilent have major research and application laboratories located in Germany, and ties between these companies and groups at German Universities are close. Within G-NMR, we will make contact with the application scientists to discuss aspect of standardization, improvement of hardware, feedback, trouble shooting etc. as discussed in 3.1.3. and 3.1.4. We will also help organizing training workshops for information transfer between the manufacturers and NMR service units, help collecting common requests at different NMR service units and provide hands-on help with installation of new software and computer hardware.

Interfacing with NMR units at companies NMR units are in place in all major chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These units are involved in compound characterization as well as in more in-depth and sophisticated NMR analysis of a large variety of different samples. Increasingly, solidstate characterization on polymers and on crystals and crystal powder need to be performed; solidstate NMR, however, is not yet well established in industry. G-NMR will organize meetings with representatives of companies to obtain feedback on their needs and to inform about research possibilities.






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4th G-NMR School

4th G-NMR School, 17.02. - 21.02.2020, MPI Göttingen (Link)