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G-NMR combines 13 NMR centers and 4 service units that are recognized NMR centers at regional, national as well as international level (click on map for details). The locations of the centers cover all regional areas in Germany, and the participating centers are funded by all major funding institutions (Universities, DFG, MPG, Helmholtz, Leibniz).

It is the overall objective of G-NMR to generate a network of German NMR centers for mutual support and exchange of technology, working procedures, educational material and alike. The concept is to involve all partners of the consortium in a bottom-up strategy and to achieve consensus on general aspect on running and maintaining NMR facilities and service units at University in order to best exploit the available resources. Networking of research centers also involves industries that either build and develop NMR spectrometers (Bruker and Agilent) or that heavily rely on the application of NMR spectroscopy. Exchange with these two groups in industry is part of the network application. In addition, discussions with funding bodies on funding requirements and opportunities are an important aim. NMR facilities differ in their size and scope and range from local, regional, national to international centers. The network will monitor developments on the European level to streamline the requirements for national and international funding bodies. Two core centers in Frankfurt and Munich take the responsibility for achieving the goals of the consortium. Actions are intended in eight areas (3.1.1.-3.1.8.) as outlined below:

  • By-laws for use of NMR facilities and service units (dt. Nutzerordnung)
  • Informatics aspects of G-NMR
  • Technology transfer and training
  • Development of solid-state NMR towards broader applicability
  • Exchange of methods for education
  • Optimization of the operation of NMR service units
  • Interfacing with NMR units in Industry
  • Interfacing with funding bodies