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G-NMR members


Group A: Core organizing partners




A1: Ctr for Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance (BMRZ), European RI

PI: H. Schwalbe, C. Glaubitz, V. Dötsch, P. Güntert, J. Wöhnert

Structure determination of biological molecules and their macromolecular complexes, structure-function-mechanisms and dynamic assembly of biological macromolecules, methods development.

ls cryo-950 MHz, ss 850 MHz, ls cryo-900 MHz NMR, cryo 800 MHz, 800 MHz, cryo-700 MHz and two lasers for time-resolved NMR, ss 600 MHz, ss 2× 400 MHz, ls cryo-600 MHz with fast kinetic device, 600 MHz, 500 MHz, 400 MHz, 400 MHz wide bore




A2: Bavarian NMR Center (BNMRZ)

PI: M. Sattler, B. Reif, S. Glaser, H. Kessler

Structure, molecular recognition and dynamics of biomolecules in solution and solids, methods development (ls, ss NMR), modulation of conformation and/or function of proteins upon binding to RNA and small molecules.

ls cryo-900 MHz, ls cryo-800 MHz, ls/ss 750 MHz, ls cryo-600 MHz, ls 600 MHz, ls cryo-500 MHz, ss 500 MHz wide bore, ss 400 MHz wide bore (for service unit refer to  group C descriptions below)




Group B: German University NMR Centers




B1: Univ. Halle

PI: J. Balbach, K. Saalwächter

Structure determination of  proteins, time-resolved NMR, protein folding

ls 600 MHz, ls 2× 400 MHz


B2: Univ. Regensburg, PI: R. Geschwind, H.R. Kalbitzer

Structure determination of biological macromolecules, molecular interactions in metallorganic and bioorganic systems, structure-reactivity-relations, high-pressure NMR.

ls cryo-800 MHz, ls cryo-600 MHz, 500 MHz


B3: Univ. Leipzig, PI: D. Huster

Solid-state NMR studies of membrane proteins.

ss cryo-800 MHz


B4: Univ. Lübeck, PI: T. Peters

NMR studies of oligosaccharide and Glycoproteins.

ls 700 MHz with cryoprobe, ls 600 MHz, 500 MHz


B5: Univ. Darmstadt, PI: M. Reggelin, C. Thiele

NMR spectroscopy of small molecules.

ls 600 MHz, 500 MHz




B6: Univ. Bayreuth, PI: P. Rösch

Structure determination of biological macromolecules and molecular interactions.

ls 800 MHz, 700 MHz, 2× 600 MHz, 400 MHz


B7: Univ. Düsseldorf, PI: D. Willbold

Structure determination of biological macromolecules and molecular interactions.

ls 900 MHz ls/ss 800 MHz, 2* ls 600 MHz, 2* ss 600 MHz




Group C: NMR Service units at Universities




B8: Univ. Heidelberg: J. Graf

NMR spectroscopy on small molecules.

600 MHz, 400 MHz, 200 MHz.


B9: Univ. Frankfurt: C. Richter

refer to group A descriptions above


B10: Technische Univ. München: W. Eisenreich

200 MHz, 250 MHz, hands-on 250 MHz, 300 MHz, 360 MHz for multinuclear applications, 500 MHz, Cryo-500 MHz (13C/29Si/19F/31P-QNP), 500 MHz (19F-Lock)


B11: Univ. Hamburg: T. Hackl

NMR Analysis of glycoconjugates, ligand-receptor interactions, protein-protein interactions.

700 MHz with cryoprobe, ls 500 MHz




Group D: German non- University Centers




C1: MPI Göttingen: C. Griesinger

Methods development, structural biology of biological macromolecules, investigations of dynamics. Signal molecules and membrane proteins

900 MHz, 800 MHz, 700 MHz, 600 MHz cryoprobe, ss 600 MHz, ss 400 MHz, 600 MHz, 400 MHz


C2: AWI Bremerhaven: M. Köck

NMR studies on marine natural products


C3: Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden: U. Scheler

NMR methods for the characterization of functionalized polymers and their application to polymers and polyelectrolytes


C4: Helmholtz-Zentrum Karlsruhe: A. Ulrich

Solid-state NMR on membrane proteins and membrane-active peptides

ss: 600 MHz, 2* 500 MHz, 300 MHz

ls: 600 MHz.

C5: Helmholtz-Zentrum München: M. Sattler

refer to group A descriptions above


C6: Helmholtz-Zentrum Jülich: D. Willbold


refer to group B descriptions above

C7: Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP): H. Oschkinat

ls: 300 MHZ, 3 * 600 MHz, 750 MHz, 900 MHz, ss: 2 * 400 MHz, 600 MHz, 700 MHz


Group E: Industry




E1: NMR manufacturing Companies: Bruker, Agilent


E2: NMR units at Industry: BASF, Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi





Group F: Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanz der GDCH




F: Vorsitzender der Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanz: Dr. E. Haupt





Group G: Funding bodies



G: DFG, MPG, Helmholtz, Leibniz