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Mitglieder (Koordinator*)

J. Janssen (DFG)
H. Schwalbe (Ffm.)*
M. Sattler (TUM)
J. Graf (Heidelberg)


  • Definition der Kosten von NMR-Messungen
  • Nutzungsbedingungen von Geräten/Probenköpfen bezogen auf bestimmte Experimente


Entwürfe für die Nutzerordnungen eines forschungsorientierten NMR-Zentrums (BMRZ, Frankfurt am Main), sowie eines NMR-Service-Labors (OCCB, Frankfurt am Main) finden Sie links nebenstehend in den Untermenüs.

weitere mögliche Punkte:

  • Wie wird Messzeit beantragt, (begutachtet), abgerechnet?
  • Die gute wissenschaftliche Praxis bei der Verwendung von NMR-Daten
  • Bei NMR-Service: Definition von (Ko-) Autorenschaft
  • Wem gehören die Daten / IPRs?
  • Datenzugang und -Speicherung
  • Abgleich mit existierenden Regelungen (DFG Gerätezentren und EU FP7 era-instruments)

Upgrading and maintenance of NMR center and service units is expensive. Often, only insufficient funds are available at the University centers. The DFG now allows researchers to apply for funds to cover the expenses connected with the execution of experiments in the context of a particular research project. One requirement is a clear definition of the costs involved (hourly rates) and the conditions for use of the equipment in form of written by-laws (Nutzerordnung). While there are clear common standards and by-laws in some research fields (e.g. MRI, Cryo-EM), such a consensus does not yet exist on the costs required to operate an NMR facility as well as the additional costs to utilize NMR machines in research. It is the aim of the network center application to develop such a consensus that a.) defines common aspects of NMR requirements and b.) allows for sufficient individual adaptation honoring the different situations within the consortium.

The by-laws will address a number of key points, taking into account previous discussions within the EU FP7 ERA-net instruments project:

a.) handling of measurement time requests,

b.) acknowledgement of funding sources, contributions to the work, handling of co-authorship on publications (what defines collaboration, what defines acknowledgement),

c.) ethical conduct of experiments and their interpretation,

d.) data ownership (intellectual property) and data handling (access and storage).


Context Column

4th G-NMR School

4th G-NMR School, 17.02. - 21.02.2020, MPI Göttingen (Link)